“You’re gonna see WHAT?!”

That was pretty much the remark I got whenever I said I got tix to see Gaga, most of which accompanied by such incredulous looks on their faces. Before any of you think that I have decided to play for the other team, fear not. I still go schwingg! when I see a hot specimen from the opposite sex, faster than you could mutter “Pusrawi!”.

I first saw her being interviewed by Jonathan Ross on the BBC with her teacup. HMV at that time had a sale and her debut record was like a fiver, so I thought of checking out her music. You know how it is when you know how good a song is after the first five seconds? This woman’s songs have hooks that would land a whale. I liked her material from that day since, and it would be an absolute waste not to see her live especially when she’s performing just on my figurative doorstep.

A month before the gig, I received an email from the promoters saying that we could trade our regular standing tix for the golden circle ones at no extra charge. Wa-hey!

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