today is busy, busy, busy.

*and here i am posting for the blog*

there’s just one consultant and myself in the department. ain’t that great? it’s a good thing we’re not inundated with meetings today. even had to postpone an autopsy till tomorrow. oh, well.

read in the local dailies online that all 128 students with the brilliant exam results got to go to medical school. i just wonder who’s gonna teach them. the last time i was at klgh during my electives there were more than 20 students per teaching ward round. a 1:6 doctor to student ratio? who are you trying to kid, man!

on the local front, petrol prices aren’t gonna go down soon. and the impending revised tax on fuel this coming september? hoho. better start booking train tickets to get to work.

egg sarnie gobbled. thirst quenched. better get back to cutting up boob resection specimens now.