I do take pride in being able to play in time, until I get to anything that’s not 4/4. Soundgarden tunes come to mind, let alone Dream Theater (jauh sekali). When I do get it (like Fell On Black Days), it’s fine. I’m bad with foot tapping/mouthing one-and-two’s if it ain’t 4/4. Some stuff like the 7/4 for Pink Floyd’s Money on the drums is fine for some bizarre reason. Tonight I was trying out (belatedly) Soundgarden’s latest release, Black Rain, which is an outtake track from the Badmotorfinger days with some new vocals. I couldn’t figure it out and Googling got me a few answers ranging from 9/8 to a basic 4/4 with a 1/8 at the end (one-and-two-and-three-and-four-and-uh). That didn’t help either until I realise that I just have to wait for that snare to come in with the D.

See what you think. Guitar in standard tuning with a dropped D (DADGBE).

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