UPDATE – 30.9.2005

this 10-yr old american amp has killer tones. to prove a point the neon once made, the first guitar that had the honour of plugging in into this 40-watter (all set at 12 o’clock – apart from the volume, of course) was my 9-yr old xingxiao strat. bloody ‘ell. the tones from the neck pickups were so sweet. never have i heard that old guitar sounding so solid (the last time was on trying out the neon’s 1982 deluxe reverb II).

the volume knob was only at 8 o’clock and my floor was already heaving. and that’s before i got drive channel kicking in,when the master volume was barely at 7 o’clock. it was so loud that i was worried the police might come knocking on my door.

it’s volume aside, the tone is luscious. sad to say, my repertoire is only covers (and rhythm parts only), so my poorly attempted licks were kinda ok lah (i actually played the first few bars of little wing that i can remember) when it comes to its execution, but i can assure you that the amp was responsive to different picking nuances.

this weekend, i will have a word with my really understanding neighbour downstairs so that i can try out the blues deluxe’s full potential. i’ve tried the telecaster and the black beauty today, but not the gibson les paul yet. tomorrow will be the day.

now i know why people would kill for a valve amp. the total damage caused? £415. and i’d say that’s cheap especially with what this amp can do!

check out the specs (albeit taken from that of the reissue ones released by fender this year).

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