Am I joining the ranks of lmsn’s EVH phase, as per quote from The Neon?

Bloody ‘ell. This was from my see-all, buy-all phase late last year. This lil’ 27-year old non-Dunlop orange stomp box flew from New Jersey to Sheffield, shipped back to NJ by mistake, and back again to Sheffield. Can’t even remember when I bought it. And, err… why I bought it. Hahaha.

I will tell you when I test it tonight.

Addendum: Well, what can I say. The test comprised me playing the Tele, with its signal going through the MXR and into the Fender Blues Deluxe. No, I didn’t play any signature tunes. ‘cos I don’t know to play any of ’em (have to really stop listening to them Kelly Clarkson tunes)! To the readers who don’t play guitar, what this does is to make a natural tone more metallic, or “robotic”, if you wanna put it that way (refer to wikipedia’s take on this).

This orange box is the bomb as it sounds so damn sweet at 50%. The only phaser I have played with is the one in my GT-3. Also, I haven’t heard any Dunlop-made MXR’s to judge the apparently inferior quality many players had claimed it to be. As phasers work by virtue of signal oscillation, 100% makes it a pretty neat tremolo (my ’78 Mistress can do that too!). Makes me wonder why I bought lmsn’s Voodoo Lab tremolo in the first place (kiasu – i know). After ten minutes, the Eveready 9-v died-ed. Damn it. Oh well.

I’ll add soundclips when i have time.

Check out where the chips come from!