When I was at Sri Petaling during my primary school years, I chanced upon a friend’s pencil box that had the picture of a spaceship named Yamato that looked like a battleship. I then hoped that Televisyen Malaysia would one day screen this 26-part anime series by Leiji Matsumoto, but then us kids growing up in the 1970’s had to be content with Saturday afternoon’s Malay-dubbed Blocker Gundan IV: Machine Blaster and From The Apennines To The Andes [母をたずねて三千里].

I have (ahem) obtained a digital copy of the original 1974 Matsumoto 26-parter but have yet to find the time to watch it. Until I saw this trailer of a live action version of the anime which starred the likes of Kimura Takuya and Kuroki Meisa released late last year. It was right impressive and I got to finally watch the film on Sunday night.

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