The premise of Space Battleship Yamato [宇宙戦艦ヤマト, Uchū Senkan Yamato] basically revolves around mankind’s struggle in 2199 with a dying planet Earth following relentless bombardment of radioactive meteorites by the malevolent and technologically superior Gamilas. The Yamato is a spaceship[1] that has warp capability is pretty much Earth’s last hope in obtaining a device to revert the radioactive wastelands on Earth back to her normal green self. The film in itself was surprisingly enjoyable (cringeworthy moments were present, but hey, it’s an action film!) – perhaps an ideal introduction to the main storyline before I start watching the original anime. The flow of the film was coherent and actually, much to my surprise, was the quality of the special effects. I’ve seen some live action film versions of anime like Kiriya Kazuaki’s Casshern, but I’ve been somewhat disappointed with the level of CG effects. Not this time (well, it did cost the filmmakers USD24 million to make). If you want me to make a sweeping generalisation, consider the film a mix of Armageddon (complete with an end theme song sung by Steven Tyler), Star Trek (the latest instalment), Aliens and The Matrix!

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