My first Strat is ten years old this summer.

It has seen some serious upgrades, except in places where it would matters most. Like the type of wood (and my playing skill, or lack of it). Trabye once joked that if Hendrix played this Strat, he’ll most definitely set it on fire.

This Strat had also been the butt of all guitar jokes among the likes of lmsn rds and the neon. So much so, that Firr has dubbed it the Xingxiao Strat (it’s made in China). I also got to know only two weeks ago that xingxiao actually means new laugh in Mandarin (thanks, Luc!). Ironic doesn’t simply describe it.

Here’s to another ten years, Xingxiao. If the tone is now akin to alder after all those years *koff koff*, I’m sure it’ll be high grade American ash by then.


Longest day of the year yesterday in the northern hemisphere. It’s downhill from now on.