As you can clearly see now, 無秩序の胃 is in its pristine minimalist form that is version 3. I’ve actually had complaints that v2.0 was way complicated to navigate. So, let’s see how we manage this time.

Changes in v3.0 include:

  • one post per page
  • categories on the top of the page allows easy navigation
  • search box at the bottom for specific topic/keyword searches
  • buttons linking to Facebook, Twitter and the like

One snag that’s left is the ‘Archives’ page. For some reason the link to the archives in v2.0 doesn’t work in this one. It’s been a while since I’ve been toying around with codes so I hope you’d be patient for this one. [DONE! -くど] I love how v3.0 looks good now, and it looks just as great on the iPad!


I’m With You sounds somewhat subdued. Typical Pepper-esque signature tunes like Ethiopia were fine, but I feel that Josh Klinghoffer is like holding back on his guitar playing. Where’s the strat snap that would funk things up, man? Let’s hope his live sound would do the band justice this coming November. Frusciante, belah awal sangat apsal? -_-

Well, my fears are somewhat unfounded when I got my keys to Buffy after getting her front windshield replaced after it cracked just before I left for KL for Raya. The OEM glass is Italian-made and has all the bells and whistles the original Swedish had. I guess the lads at my garage were right – Volvo makes cars, not the glass. Thank god for comprehensive cover, the whole thing cost just £75, without messing up my NCB.

I miss Raya at home! Anyways, off to my first ever open house in Sheffield this year then.