Princess Toyotomi (プリンセス トヨトミ) was a right treat, although this film has been compared somewhat to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code based on its historical conspiracy-esque subplot. Three members of the main cast for the film would remind you of the HERO SP drama, that’s because the same actors are in this film – well, you’ve got all three except Kimura Takuya. ‘Demon’ Matsudaira (Tsutsumi Shinichi – remember Sailor Suit And Machine Gun?) is a hotshot official of the National Audit Bureau (NAB) who was sent to Osaka to check for financial irregularities in a few commercial firms until he and his team began to audit a firm with the acronym O.J.O. Gainsbourg Asahi (Okada Masaki) and Torii Tadako (the delectable Ayase Haruka) who were members of his NAB team were then sent out to investigate the streets of Osaka whilst Matsudaira himself found a well-hidden conspiracy involving the entire populace of Osaka which started hundreds of years ago following the siege of Osaka by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Not really as ‘mystical’ as Da Vinci but a well-spun yarn nonetheless.

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