i was off work on friday due to a stomach bug. a right bastard to have when it meant missing out on open houses on saturday. the saving grace was xombie’s family’s open house yesterday – complete with real lemang from perak, soft and sleep-inducing. not like the crap you get in KL.

being ill had its benefit, though. spent quality time with darling lara in surrey, west africa and kazakhstan (jagshemash!).


do you often wonder if the chinese accent you hear on the phone when you order a take-away is genuine?

herro, ming parace.
squid and chirri king prawn?
twenty-fye minutes.

i bet that they put that on just for the mystique, that eastern promise. probably speaks in a strong south yorkshire accent the moment they put down the phone.


i’ve been shortlisted. yay.


gotta go. picking up my fried rice in five.