get your asses moving. i can pay. sial la.


dance dance dance? finished it last month actually. for once, a happy murakami ending. but sheep man, whereartthou?

currently reading tash aw’s the harmony silk factory. despite the gay-sounding title, it’s actually a pretty good yarn. my place of birth, ipoh, is in it a lot.


this past week had been gigtastic. i’ve three more before the year ends, making it an average of one a month.

tommy emmanuel is playing sheffield’s memorial hall tomorrow evening. i’ve only seen him play on youtube, courtesy of kamal. should be good. a change from the usual.

incubus is touring the UK next april, kinda like exactly 3 years to the month i saw them last. got tix to their nottingham date. kitaorang dengar and play their music eh? tolong sikit.


a room to put a sony bravia (and a windows media centre, xbox 360 and ?ps3 to boot) in?

slowly, but getting there. once it’s done, it’ll be kampai time!