following the recent comments in the entry below:

tak heran. played in my backyard, metaphorically if not literally.

[waiting for an immediate rebuke from a certain lighting implement, using with the word pockeymark]

the official site had no KL date in it although the last listed date is end of january. if anyone remember the ‘pearl-jam-is-coming-to-KL’ ruse in the past, i’d not hold my breath. just cross the causeway and spend some singaporean bucks and enjoy the spectacle, aural and visual. update: … ‘cos, like fake says, they’ll be playing stadium negara on february 25th.

trivia: trabye has played fort canning. the weekend before slipknot came to town. read about it here, here and here.


on a (low) note, we had our last jam in sheffield last night with wong, who will be heading home for good this afternoon. if i had to end my play-in-the-backyard-in-front-of-friends-only gigging career, it’d be the gig in march. since good drummers are as rare as hen’s teeth and rocking horse manure in this neck of the woods, always end things on a high note, i’d say. no apologies for the lack in quality (of everything), but check out the drumming and you’d see what i mean.