want to buy this game or not?
“what game you got?”
onimusha 3, ma. new one
“good aa?”
can kill thousand people one. good la…

that was last february. it has excellent gameplay. true to his words, the feeling one gets from killing thousand people one was exhilirating. pity the whole thing was in japanese, including the text. as expected i didn’t get very far due to language constraints! the good news is next week, capcom’s english language version of the oni’s blood-drenched exploits will be released on british shores. can’t wait.

so i had to make do with onimusha 2, which i bought second hand from game. what i didn’t count on was its addictive nature. the storyline was pretty basic. a warrior called jubei of the yagyu clan returns to his village to find it destroyed by the warrior-turned-demon, nobunaga oda. so, all i needed to do was go on a killing spree (demons, of course) whilst building up my skills, weapons (including upgrades) and solving occasional puzzles along the way. for all you role-playing gamers, this is usual fare. however, unlike the final fantasy series, onimusha is pretty much a no-brainer. its the square button all the way (including the occasional triangle and R1’s). yeah!

after about 12 hours of gameplay, i finished the game this afternoon. if it wasn’t for the fact i was given the option of changing the game mode to easy after completing about 75% of the game, i would never have felt like going all gung-ho, slashing up the difficult (not any more) bosses including the head honcho, nobunaga himself, to call it a day. even the final manifestation of nobunaga was pretty much laughable. kicked his golden ass real good. can’t wait for the sequel.

i still have final fantasy x-2 to deal with (in between exam revision… huhuhu).

do you ps2?