haha. gilo ko apo?

i hope so. especially with the entire wembley arena floor booked exclusively for 10c members. third time lucky, i hope.


update: their european presale fcuked up big time when their server couldn’t handle the deluge of people wanting to get tickets. god knows what time it was back online, cos i went to bed by then. the obvious outcome was disasterous (read: out of stock though, as opposed to sold out. why?). i still have a chance – get their deluxe travel package for USD1300 or something gila like that.

kalau it includes aku dpt naik stage main corduroy, aku sanggup. jumpa-jumpa band ni tak main la.


don’t you just love margins around a B&W (like the above photo of ed which i took in dublin last august)? adds character, in my opinion. just received a few great looking shots ordered from photobox. will need a black album, then.