I guess we’ve seen all forms of tribute on either digital or print media to the recent passing of Steve Jobs, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer on Thursday. I found it ironic that I, together with a 200-odd crowd that made up the delegates at a gastrointestinal pathology update meeting in Cheltenham, was reminded of the unpredictable nature of the cancer, albeit it was the rarer and resectable form. And Thursday didn’t only see just the passing of the Thomas Edison of our times, as many people in Perak were saddened by the demise of Almarhumah Raja Perempuan Muzwin, consort of the 33rd Sultan of Perak whom she survived for 27 years. I guess such events remind one of one’s mortality, especially when one is at a ‘tender young’ (not!) age as mine. Make every moment count, as they say!


I’ve been busy of late with a little project involving Powerpoint to produce a presentation of a non-digital nature. Pretty exciting stuff, as far as I’m concerned. What is this about? I hope to be able to say more about it when the time comes!

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