She doesn’t do much in the way of moves unlike her dancers but then I wasn’t too bothered. What I wanted to hear was her in-between song banter. “I’m sorry, moms and dads. This is a PG-13 show. If it was my husband’s, it’ll be X-rated”, and rightly so, too. We were treated to how she has a little bit England in her. Sometimes more than once a week. And that song Peacock. Huiyo. You are getting my drift, aren’t ya?

Her set was more Teenage Dream than One Of The Boys which was more rockin’ (she did play the Warped Tour in 2008). I Kissed a Girl had a lizard lounge kinda vibe before going the whole hog with her band. The theatrics used in between the songs together with the video featurettes were reminiscent of GaGa but so less serious and filled with some degree of deadpan humour, at one point peppered with space cake references.

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