When you put screw the pickups back on, don’t worry about the height as you’d do that last. Now, when you screw the pickguard back on to the guitar, don’t screw them too tightly as you may not be able to place the last screw in. So, kat sini man-man dulu – once all the screws are in you may proceed to tighten them. Once the pickguard is in place, I adjust the pickup heights by screwing the pickup clockwise to increase the height and vice versa.

Once this is done, I restrung the guitar, tune it up and voilà – Xingxiao is now ready!

Or so I thought.

You should’ve seen my face when I plugged her into the Orange. NOT A PEEP. Not even a buzz. Okay, there was a little bit when I turned the tone knob.

I did struggle to put in the neck tone pot back. It was a new pot as I remembered getting Steve to change it. I wondered if I either gotten one of the wires pulled off its soldered point or worst still, wrecked the pot. I was so not in the mood to reopen the damn thing. Besides, I don’t even know where to look. So, it’s off to the repair guy after I get back from Londres next weekend then.

Epic fail. Hehe.

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