This was my dinner on Christmas eve:

I have to say this decision was part inspiration, and partly because it has been a long time since I had KFC. I had read that having KFC for Christmas is something quite common in Japan. The story went that a foreigner went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken (yup, that’s what we used to call KFC in them days) in Aoyama to get some fried chicken for Christmas as he couldn’t find turkey. Subsequently, KFC began associating Christmas with their fried chicken in their marketing, and the rest is history.

Have a look at these KFC CM’s[1], with umm… Ayase Haruka in all of ’em:


And after 1000+ kcals for dinner, what better thing to do than to go for a run on a crisp wintry Christmas morning. I’ve not blogged about this, but I’m currently on a Runkeeper programme to get rid of my belly. Look at what I did this morning:

Boxing Day will be a rest day and on Friday after work at the gym[2], I’ve to do a 3:5 interval training lasting 30 minutes which will comprise alternate high intensity and recovery for 5 minutes each, repeated 5 times. Should be interesting.

Has it worked? I’ve only followed this programme for a few weeks but prior to this I had been running at the gym and was watching what I eat. I feel fitter now, and the best thing – I lost 3 kg in 5 weeks. Bonus!


Just after lunch, I decided to change the pickguard of Tristessa, my Billy Corgan signature Strat from the original black to parchment. The last time I did this was more than 2 years ago which ended in disaster as one of the wires came off and required re-soldering, all because of an ill-fitting tone pot. The change was right easy this time, as the part is a genuine Fender pickguard which means everything fitted really well.

I have to say I kinda prefer the understated look to it now. And I think I may give her a new name too. Heh.

Oh, talking about mods – the black volume/tone knobs I ordered on eBay for the MAMIcaster have arrived. I was concerned about the fit as the accessories are from Fender but there was no problem whatsoever.


[1]CM「シーエム」(pron. shī-emu) – commercial message. Advertisements lah.
[2]I don’t run outdoors at night time.