11 years ago, The Smashing Pumpkins decided to call it a day, and I caught them on their Sacred & Profane tour on Halloween night at the Manchester Apollo. It felt quite special to be part of the experience that was supposed to be the end of one of the biggest alternative acts of the ’90’s.

Until Billy Corgan decided that SP was to be resurrected some time in 2007. Great.

Saw them again, this time sans Iha and MadM, and with the new guys Jeff Schroeder and Ginger Reyes, at Notts Arena in 2008 during which time Corgan threw a hissy fit leaving us stumped halfway down the set. I think at that point, I probably had deleted all my Pumpkins tracks on iTunes. Bukammaen marah!.

I guess when I heard SP was returning to the UK this year and playing a club-sized venue in Sheffield, it was like “all is forgiven”, despite Corgan now being the sole original member of the band. Even Ginger left following dropping a sprog. Now, we see Mike Byrne on drums, and the delectable Nicole Fiorentino on bass duties (saw this tagline on Twitter or FB – ‘Smashing Pumpkins: employer of pretty female bassists since 1988’).

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