After watching Oceansize play their set, I joked to my mates that Corgan better not do what he did in Birmingham in 2000. I wished I hadn’t mention even that, because Uncle Fester just did a bloody repeat performance. Their Nottingham set was 9 songs short when Corgan left after a solo performance of 1979. According to their official site, the set was meant to be just that. It was a right joke. And a bloody bad one. Nasib baik bassist cun.

I felt somewhat ambivalent the moment the house lights came back on. For one, I was angry that the band simply left without saying anything. It wasn’t about the thirty quid tix or the two tees or the limited edition silkscreen Zeitgeist poster. It was for the fact that the best experience I ever had listening to old familiar tunes played beautifully live in front of my eyes was taken away just like some short-lived wet dream. Tonight, tonight and a sped up Ava Adore. Actually watching them play Mayonaise, the one and only Pumpkins tune I’ve covered with my mates at Pria Mambo 2. And wishing Ginger Reyes would just marry me. Bassist cun sial.

Fine that they didn’t do the crazy ones like Fuck You. or play Geek USA like i hoped they would. They wouldn’t have as the set list hadn’t changed (til now, the bastard). But the short set meant no Cash Car Star, which I desperately wanna see. Or The Everfcukinglasting Gaze. Sial la. Tapi nasib baik bassist cun. *sigh*

When they played the set, I felt somehow (sacrilegiously) that i didn’t really matter if Iha nor Wretzky were there, as they sounded great as fcuk. And they actually played Today. And Drown, man. And Ginger looked so cute in her red ballerina skirt, smilingly singing backing vocals behind that big chunk of Fender wood.

It could’ve been an iota below the 2000 experience, if it wasn’t for what happened in Nottingham. I did feel that, on top of the fact the arena was half full, the crowd wasn’t as psychotic as one would expect. Fans get older, I guess. but when I expect for the worst, especially with a kepala botak besaq like him, I can’t feel too mad, really.

Nasib baik bassist cun.

Ice Arena, Nottingham 14.02.08 set: Porcelina of the Vast Oceans / Behold! The Night Mare / Bring the Light / Tonight, Tonight / Mayonaise / Try, Try, Try / Superchrist / (Come On) Let’s Go! / Stellar / Perfect / Lily (My One and Only) / The Rose March / Today / Tarantula / Stand Inside Your Love / Ava Adore / Drown / Bullet With Butterfly Wings / 1979