dad had it for five days. then it was my brother, all before i got back. since i am one for joining the bandwagon, i had it since tuesday. it wasn’t the cold. it wasn’t even a bad case of it. it was the damn flu.

god, i couldn’t sleep, falling asleep when i got tired. nothing tasted was good. surprisingly, it was only ice-cold coke that was gastronomically acceptable.

so, basically that was my lot these past five days. but something kept me going despite the week-long sakit kepala.

a short trip to KL’s own akiba saw me haggling for a DS lite to cure my hankering for all things FF. and guess what i’ve learnt? the DS lite could play the original RM30 FFV and VI meant for the game boy advance. and i had to get FF tactics advance too (to prepare me for FFXII: revenant wings). to add to my surprise, the DS FFIII is out in this neck of the woods. like the vendor, i, too, gave my offer on the calculator based on what would charge me come 10 may. i got it 3 ringgit cheaper. the revamped FFIII looks better and plays like the FFIX, complete with the chobi characters. the characters utilise a more rigid job system, but having a two swordsperson / one white mage / one black mage combo works fine by me.

a bloody great way to spend one’s time on leave.


guess what’s showing on cinemax just this moment. american ninja 2. such quality entertainment.