just a lil’ bit more.


i still believe art is better when one suffers for it. an act of self-indulgence maybe? don’t think so. kobain spawning a whole new genre of music. blues musicians from the cotton fields of the mississippi delta. indonesian rock/pop music sounding better than what we have locally, for the most part (if you disagree with me you’re just kidding yourself). i’ve ranted about it here. and i read this in off the edge a few days ago, an interview with the late redza piyadasa:

“Given the turmoil Indonesia was going through the Forties to Sixties, the artists were steeped in the tumultous societal context of their times. Our artists are not; we are all living in little bungalows in the suburbs of Subang Jaya, Damansara, driving our fancy little cars, comfortable.”

’nuff said.


the headline of one of my daily reads two days ago:


makes one wonder who is in the wrong here. for context, read about it here.


what do you think. nice or not?