how do people choose which football team to support?

okay, if you were born in spital tongues or scotswood, you are most likely to support the magpies, but what about malaysians?

i know of malaysians who are staunch supporters of teams like manchester city, tottenham hotspurs and everton. whilst we know of the obvious cop outs when new footie fans who choose to support the likes of man u and chelsea, like the cynna-going babe going on how much she supports brazil in the world cup because of kaka (here comes the generalisations again – ed.), i wonder what made these non-brits support a team from a city they’ve never lived in. of course, there is the tradition of some of these clubs regardless of how well/badly they fared in the season, but i don’t see anyone claiming they are ardent fans of leicester, doncaster or stoke city. was there a life event that triggered the passion of loving one particular team?

answers in the comments section as per usual thank you.


i’ve alluded to reading junk recently and it was only like a couple of weeks ago that i finally got to listen to the free CD that came with each ish. suffice to say that there is some really good music out there, from malaysia and around the region. my current favourite is hujan‘s pagi yang gelap and singapore’s the great spy experiment‘s class ‘A’ love affair.

so all is not lost, really.


on the same note, i would like to point out that i enjoyed top of the pop (which explains why bubby and flo sounded the way they did at that gig in 1999), although i didn’t really like the monotony of rock N roll (track 2). track 3 was brill, though.

see what happens when you sing in bahasa malaysia?


for the first time in my life, i discovered the joys of kitchen and bathroom appliances. and the potential pain of paying for them. before anyone makes any comments about which team i am playing for, wait til you see the throng of female brazil supporters (see the above generalisation) making a beeline in front of the door, yo.

and where to put the bravia and PS3 eh?

then again, before i start thinking too far ahead, i need to buy a bed to sleep in first.