i’ve had this idea in my mind for a while now. way before i made the offer on this property. at first, it was for the living room, but now i think this should go into my music-cum-guest room. or perhaps the converted cellar that is to be the rehearsal room. ever since i ventured into radiohead‘s website, i noticed a link to that belonging to stanley donwood, the artist who did a lot of work for their album covers/CD sleeves. he sells limited prints of his stuff.

like this one.

great conversation piece? well, until you run out of guests, that is.

belum lagi cita-cita murni where i can say things like, “this? i bought this piece in barcelona.”

i know, get the bed first. but this will be mine.

yes. this will be mine.


after the debacle that was last week’s valuation, i wondered how much i’d have fared if i hadn’t left the north east. newcastle had improved in leaps and bounds after i left. and that was like ten years ago. for what i paid here, i’d probably afford a midterrace in areas like fenham, let alone anywhere with the more favorable NE2 postcode (smart people in the northeast, however, don’t live in newcastle itself). looking up rightmove.co.uk saw that there are houses in elswick that cost even more.

leaps and bounds indeed.