this on the other hand is another kettle of fish. not really the limited edition vintage re-ish, nor is it the neck-through version, this is the real thing. well, just about. i asked a mate of mine if he thought this was worth the price tag of £1500 (i didn’t pay this amount for it, no sir). in his humble opinion, the KH-2 was a lovely guitar to play but not much different from an american strat. i, for one, loved the clarity of the EMG81’s on this baby. initially, i thought it was mere psychology. whaddaya expect? playing your favourite ‘tallica tune on a guitar that’s pretty much 99% to kirk’s specs. but it wasn’t. on a fully driven MT-2 (a poor man’s attempt to recreate a dual recto), arpegiatting an open Em was clear. every single note clanging, in fact. the chunka-chunka opening for horsemen? nailed easily, even when played sloppy. but that’s the thing, isn’t it ? every bit the metal guitar, and that’s pretty much what it’s good for.

i had pijoe to help sort the trem ‘float’ level out as i had to change the string gauge to my liking (it came with 11’s from the previous owner). it was a doddle, and much to our surprise, the intonation / action didn’t even need sorting. not only does it sound good, it’s well-built, which explains what the fuss is all about. the original floyd also meant full-on whammy action doesn’t dent the tuning whatsoever.

i love the guitar, but being a rhythm player means it will not be fully utilised in my hands. wanna see/hear it in action? come to the gig in april. but, it won’t be me playing it!

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