I have been down with viral gastroenteritis this week and it wasn’t pretty. It abruptly began at 5am on Monday morning which scuppered my plan for puasa sunat Isnin. It wasn’t shortlived as I’d hoped it would be and I was told to go home by colleagues, rightly so too, considering what I do for a living. I had excluded food I had over the weekend as being the possible source as everyone else was OK. Furthermore, the symptoms were classical and for once, the bugs were reading the text book – the incubation time and the length of time it took for my immune system to combat the bugs were followed to the T. Which was kinda bad as being symptomatic for three friggin’ days took a toll on me. Following the same text book, this self quarantine is to be extended for a further 48 hours. My colleagues had been kind to cover in my absence for which I am eternally grateful.

As for where I got it from, it remains a mystery and one possible source is receiving it airborne (if it is this bug) at the moshpit in London last Friday, which kinda made sense with the 48-hour incubation period. I swear I hadn’t pegang-pegang anyone in that period. Hahaha.

The only good thing that came out of this was losing 2 kg. Oh, it’ll come back. The weight, I mean.


Received this in the mail a couple of days ago during my quarantine. Fantastic record (恋の予感 or koi no yokan means “love’s premonition”, and has nothing to do with carps), best listened to on the Cambridge. OK, obviously.


I will be missing this. Biasa lah.