sheffield is always late. i remembered 5 years ago how we had to be content with a cap ayam coffee place on ecclesall road (it wasn’t bad, actually) when starbucks was the ubiquitous coffee hang out place in any decent british city, and even aberdeen (mintak maaf orang aberdeen) had two outlets then! i admit to being a slave to keparat-run eateries/outlets.

and such happy slaves we were last night.

next on the list for england’s fourth largest city, please – a krispy kreme drive-thru.


the first time i came to this city before a job interview, it was raining and i was greeted by these ugly grey flats by the parkway. and the first thing i told myself was to get out of this place when i finish my training. but here i am, a decade later. friends come and go (not in a bad sense, la – these people do this thing called graduation) and the chunk of what is shemubroja is dwindling to a handful come next academic year.

haven’t really thought about what’s looming in the horizon, being the fly-by-the-seats-of-my-seluar kind of chap i am. and that lithe half-japanese, guitar-playing, nasi lemak-cooking female counterpart hasn’t made that grand appearance yet, either.

talking about friends, this is the other side to the room that i showed in my last entry. this time with the people i call friends inside it.