Yesterday, Lan and Yus came around to do the measurements and preliminary designs for the long overdue kitchen project. I just hope that everything I’d like doing can be done within the budget.

Among the things I discovered about my own kitchen was the floorboards which would look great if sanded down and treated but I think that additional project will make the dent to the piggy bank greater. Heh. At the mo, looks like hydronic plinth heaters with electric underfloor heating (the floor will be tiled) sounds like a plan, with the solitary not-so-big radiator removed to make way for the fridge/freezer and the plumbing. The tiling will mean the kitchen is slightly raised by a few obvious millimetres (the rest of the ground floor has the original floorboards) but will figure something out lah.

Daunting but exciting at the same time, this. I hope the whole thing gets done in at most two weeks whenever the project starts. Part ni I have to play the eternal optimist.


All those frames are now up.

Next – choosing photos for framing and possibly looking for artwork for the living room when I am back in KL.


I had りょこ‘s Seymour Duncan pickups potted in wax by Steve Robinson last month and only got her back like yesterday (thanks to adverse weather on the Peaks). I had the pups upgraded because of the squealy nature of the original Epi ones when played on high gain. A few years ago, I bought pickup covers for them which I realised like last December (I think I had never used her for band practice over the years since buying the covers) had made the guitar squealy again. I quite like the tinny sounding out-of-phase middle pickup option, thanks to a suggestion made by Steve before rewiring the pups back. More importantly, however, is the absence of the awful squeals at high gain, like so:

Oh yes, only after 17 years I got to finally think of a name.