I managed to only catch two films on Friday’s flight, both of which were on the first leg to DXB. As usual, I was spoilt for choice with it being the ICE system on A380 but I was somewhat disappointed that they didn’t have Rurouni Kenshin (るろうに剣心) which was released recently last year in Japan. Nevertheless, I got to catch Takei Emi (武井 咲) in another film adapted from a manga (albeit of the shoujo type) titled Kyō, Koi wo Hajimemasu (今日、恋をはじめます) which coincidentally has SCANDAL’s ハッピーコレクタ as its title track.

The basic premise of the story is of a straight-laced girl who hates to stand out named Tsubaki who started at a school which was her second choice only to meet a chilled out, intelligent yet womanising chap who’s also named Tsubaki (played by Matsuzaka Tori[1] – never heard of him but wiki tells me he started out in suupasentai type of TV programmes). School was obviously a rocky start for she-Tsubaki but it was somewhat obvious that both of them would fall for each other, obvious poster notwithstanding. As with many stories, if things appear to go well mid-story, expect some twists and turns to the two Tsubakis’ relationship. All’s well that ends well? Tengok sendiri lah. It was a good rom-com, with genuine laughs in the com bits.

The other film I got to catch was Hotaru The Movie: It’s Only A Little Light In My Life (映画 ホタルノヒカリ) which is a film that follows the second season of Hotaru no Hikari with Haruka *yum* Ayase.

I have to say the two seasons on telly had sufficiently engaging plots which didn’t really dwell on Hotaru’s himono onna[2] persona to the point of making the viewers disinterested, especially with her making headway with her relationship with her buchou played by Fujiki Naohito. The film shows the newly-married odd couple on a trip to Rome, and no prizes for guessing, Haruka’s “Ahomiya”[3] character is still a himono-onna regardless. On the trip, they meet a brother and sister who happened to be just as bad as Ahomiya’s slobbiness. The story that followed dealt with buchou‘s “disappearance” during the trip as well as further revelations on the relationship of the slobby siblings. I thought the story was somewhat so-so, unfairly – probably because I had only recently watched season 2 and, err… I was dozing off and on throughout the film. Will try watch it again. Heh.

There was one more film that I caught but did not manage to finish as the plane had landed in KUL. Tsuna Hiichatta (綱引いちゃった!) is a film about an all-women tug-of-war team captained by the delectable Inoue Mao.

I hope to catch it on my return flight and will review it then!

[1]Both actors playing the two Tsubakis were together in Asuko March!, a 9-episode dorama which I couldn’t watch properly due to badly sync-ed softsubs.
[2]Literally translated as ‘dried-fish woman’ indicating a young woman who looks great and exudes confidence when she is outside her home but actually is a messy slob at home, dressed in t-shirts and trackbottoms, burping out loud after enjoying a can of beer on the verandah. Gila high maintenance. Hahaha.
[3]The character’s surname is Amemiya. Ahomiya is a portmanteau of aho/あほ (transl. stupid) and her surname coined by buchou.