A while back, a friend (who used to play bass with us in them good ol’ days) got her Instagrams printed as a poster – a printstagram. The company’s called Social Print Studio which is based in California and what you do is choose the ones you want and Bob’s your uncle. I didn’t put too much thought and selected choice shots. Looking back I should’ve put a lil’ more thought to it, I guess, but after getting it framed, the frame shop owner said he liked the striking contrast each shot portrayed. Bonus!

A more recent framing project was yesterday. I received a free gig poster when I bought the singles for SCANDAL’s 会わないつもりの、元気でね and since I have another SCANDAL gig poster from a previous purchase, I thought buangruang2/the media room needs a little change in scenery. I then note that the largest RIBBA frames at IKEA have a slashed down price to £16 from £21 – a trip down to Notts was then inevitable. Spent an hour yesterday afternoon framing the posters, and here they are in the room:

What about the PJ posters? Well, the wall on the first floor hallway is empty. I found out last night that the plaster was such that the usual picture hooks wouldn’t do the job. Got some rawl plugs, used the BOSCH, screws instead of hooks and voila:

I think I’ve an idea where to put my Daido. Watch this space!