Prior to my vacation, I sent マミカスタ to Aerograffiti in Bournemouth for the artwork to be done and I did mention the good job Steve had done on the frets, as well as the new Gotoh locking machine heads. Have a butcher’s:

I was then checking my e-mail in my Kyōto hotel room when I had an update from Mark at Aerograffiti regarding the work in progress for マミカスタ. I e-mailed Mark to provide me shots of the work he had done thus far and I’ve to say I was very impressed.

All I provided were shots of MAMIchan’s guitar I got from the web (incuding those from SCANDAL HEAVEN). I had send a template made by a fan but noted the mistakes. And to see Mark replicating the artwork exactly as it is was a mindblowing. I wasn’t surprised, really, as it is obvious from their portfolio! I then received another e-mail update just now that the job’s all completed.

And here what she looks like in her lacquered/polished glory:

The whole thing came to about £488 and as compared to the £600+ quote I received from another place (which were decals and not airbrush work), I think this is good value. The design was replicated, painted and the body was polished, and they ensure that the additional paint job is not thick enough to affect the guitar’s sound. Mark is gonna leave the lacquer to harden for a few days before shipping it back. And then she’ll be sent to Steve again for completion.

I so cannot wait.