Bit the bullet. Somewhat. Walked into this diminutive kitchen supplier/designer store literally 5 minutes walk from the house, with the designs made by my two architect friends from a few years back.

I pass it every day when I drive to and back from work. Probably it was a sign that had been staring me in the face all this while.

Watch this space.


Grohl et al. have a new EP out, dedicated to those perished at Le Bataclan in Paris last year. I just knew about it this morning.

It’s free to download and I got mine from iTunes. The songs are pretty rocking, prolly a tad more than the recent mellower stuff they’ve been writing of late.


I saw this piece of Star Wars news on the net a couple of days ago about a bunch of people digitally cleaning up an early print of Star Wars: A New Hope when it wasn’t A New Hope. The news was pretty hyped up as was I, until when I read more about it that this wasn’t something new. Many tout this activity as being within a grey area when it comes to the legality of it all, whilst others consider this outright piracy. Notwithstanding all these arguments, I want to see this as this was the actual film I saw all those years ago at Cathay cinema in Bukit Bintang.

And disappointed I was not.

No Episode IV here.
Lak “Wolfman” Sivrak is back!

Han shot first, too.


Just a quick note on this upcoming film that caught my eye – セーラー服と機関銃 -卒業- 「Sērā-fuku to kikan jū – sotsugyō | Sailor Suit and Machine Gun -Graduation-」 which will be out in cinemas in Japan this March.

I saw the J-drama which had Gakky play the lead role of Izumi 7 years ago which had a different end to her yakuza posse. Nevertheless, looking forward to see this fresh take on the story with a fresh-faced Hashimoto Kanna now playing Izumi.

Looks like a sequel-cum-reboot, this.