Mission 12 ペンギンパーク Pengin Pāku / Penguin Park

And there we have it, the end of the 12-ep cour 1 of season 1. Whilst this was adapted from two extra/special missions (the third act was from Short Mission 1 in vol.4 of the manga), filler or not, episode 12 bookends the cour with an succinct yet ereganto summary of what SxF is all about, plus penguins!

WIT x Cloverworks genga from this episode.

My only criticism was the end of the third act/short mission 1 felt a tad abrupt – although I have to say that, as non-Japanese viewers, the episode was likely to have had the teaser for cour two (see the video below) in tonight’s TV TOKYO broadcast over there, which we didn’t get to watch. Well, at least that was my experience watching this on Crunchyroll.

Talking about Twitter, there were posts abound from the studios and creative staff (including the seiyuus) thanking fans for watching the first cour.

MADHOUSE genga from this episode.

And it appears that studio MADHOUSE (Perfect Blue, Ninja Scroll, HxH, Redline, Summer Wars… I can go on) helped out on this episode.

We’ll see the Forgers again this October!