FRIEREN FRIDAY E28 It Would Be Embarassing If We Meet Again また会ったときに恥ずかしいからね Mata atta toki ni hazukashii kara ne?

At the end of E27 last week I thought the title for E28 was a bit strange especially with it being the season finale.

This final episode tied up some loose ends (we find out that someone does WFH engaging in a LDR to boot… guess who – and this was one example). Also, there was an unexpected incident which was in my opinion, as we say it up north, a pi mampoih la moment but I guess it is expected from the insecure.

I came in relatively late (?mid-season during the first cour) but I wouldn’t have thought that FRIEREN has so much depth/heart and the experience one has while watching this may depend on one’s life experience. Not forgetting the good pacing of the story throughout (it is a slow burn but for a reason), quality animation (loved the attention to detail – take Fern’s arm movements as she walked angry vs happy; yup, great animation is not synonymous with that which goes with a bang, although MADHOUSE delivered when it called for it) and of course composer Evan Call’s cinematic score.

9/10. You may not agree with this but as I have always said – nobody can like everything and that’s all right. Just go back home and go watch Spongeb… just kidding.

I wonder what I’ll be watching next Friday night.