when tasty food can be made in such a cincai manner, i just love it. ever since we had beef/turkey bacon in malaysia, i finally got to relish in the joys of the eponymous british fry up. well, this one i had whilst cooking a bastardised jambalaya (not worth talking about, as it comes from a bottle. hehe.). i can only get bacon of the quorn variety as none of the halal places here sell any of the beef/turkey variety. a runny fried egg and two slices of bacon should do the trick, splashed with tomato and HP sauce. oh, sandwiched between two slices of fried bread, best made by frying any ordinary sliced roti with the oil made to fry the egg and bacon. roti bakar tak main, eh.

one of the better cincai things than maggi/indomie when i feel lazy. bliss.