the other was birmingham. home of black sabbath, judas priest and HP sauce. to think after all these years (7-ish?), i could still drive through the east side to get to the bullring. i’ve been to birmingham in 2004 but watching gigs at the NEC doesn’t really count. i’ve lived and worked here for a few months shy of two years. the first few months saw me heading back up north for weekends until i made friends around the small heath area, which was instrumental in my current hobby of playing music in bands.

the east side was still the same – with its traffic resembling the chaos only seen in cities the likes of karachi. it’s the new bullring that has made birmingham look… well, different. the metallic compound-eyed facade of selfridges does look like an alien pod implanted by the old parish church of st. martins. so, it’s not really a place with historical sites like other english cities. it is simply a city with… err, roads and buildings. i do not offer any apologies for not being eloquent in my writing today, but i just couldn’t think of anything else to pimp this city’s image (or lack of it).

my main aim was for some american kueh keria which was going for like £12.95 (for 24) at the selfridges food court (i was supposed to go to london but i just don’t have the energy, especially after dublin. idlan puts it to my age.). and on the way down to level one, i got myself something nice off the bargain rack that was 90% off. it was even cheaper than a tesco-made suit! had pseudo-japanese at wagamama (again) and showed the lads around the newly-improved city centre. only to be cut short by the rain. but we did manage to reach brindley place and broad street before heading back.

and photos were absolutely rubbish today. you wanna see better ones, go here.