now with two thirds of the clan back home thousands of miles south-east of here, life is back to the usual humdrum of the commute and the grind. the remaining clansman will be around for a bit, but the homestead will be real quiet in a few weeks’ time. hey ho, life goes on. come july, another clansman will be on the return flight with me from kuala lumpur. let’s hope the floods of 2007 do not make a sudden reappearance.


the clansman was watching lost in translation following my introduction to the famous lip my stocking bit of the film. i was reminded of my delayed japan trip (spring 2009? 2010?) and realised i never really thought of where to stay in tokyo. just for the fun of it, i went to check out how much it costs to do the park hyatt (where mr. harris stayed). three days wages for one night. i don’t care if my room overlooks yoyogi park.


talking of japan, watch this and decide for yourself. a male guitarist’s wet dream, or nightmare?

UPDATE: perempuan daaa! subarashi! see here.


on a final note for today – after 20 years, i finally get to do this.