Five years on, I finally got to make a soundclip for my vintage(ish) MXR Phase 90.

My excuse is that it kinda died a few years ago, despite changing the battery. Then my brother gave me the excellent easy solution of the ubiquitous WD40. A spray and (gently) rubbing the circuit board clean with a cotton bud did the trick.

This is Tristessa plugged into the Phase 90 and straight to the AD-5. This is with the bridge pickup and the Phase 90’s speed is at its lowest. AD-5’s tone is slightly at 2 o’clock.


Dunlop strap locks going for £6 a pair? Well, it didn’t really click when I bought it but something was niggling at the back of my mind that it never used to be that expensive. And how right I was. Siut la!


Beetroot-derived tint for red velvet cupcakes. Absolute natural and yum.