Work started on the kitchen on Monday.

Floor and kitchen cabinet demolition. The sink and part of the worktop remained which meant we could still do the dishes.

Kitchen demolition completed. This meant no kitchen sink from this point onward until completion of the project.

Electrical work commenced. Plumbing for the washing machine and the fridge/freezer set up. Assessment of the floor joists led the builder to sort out the ‘bounciness’ of the central portion of the kitchen.

Ceiling lowered. Continuation of electrical work. Old cooker finally removed. Tile company informed of delivery to be done early next week.

Ceiling, and parts of wall where electrical work was done, were plastered. Beautifully, if I must add. Kitchen cabinets arrived from Tyneside. Radiator removed. Floor ‘bounciness’ rectified.

Understandably, the house is somewhat dusty which meant frequent hoovering of the surrounding environs. As there is no work this weekend, I need to do some mopping too. Kerja berat!


I’ve been a lil’ busy on the SCANDAL cover front of late, especially with the recent release of their seventh record, YELLOW. Did a bass cover for ちいさなほのお which I hope to continue on with either a MAMI guitar cover, or even two guitars (including HARU’s guitar part too):

I did a drum cover for ヘバンな気分 as well for fun, although I intend to do a bit more for this song, which is my fav tune on the new record. So, watch this space.

Interestingly, I used to upload these on Dailymotion, but since with the advent of the new YouTube Red (I think), my uploaded videos on YouTube are not muted any more and are merely slapped with a warning that the vids are not playable in the USA and Japan. The vids are still uploaded on Dailymotion anyway for the benefit of those who are interested but can’t view them.

Further details regarding these covers can be read in my SCANDAL spin-off blog, MAMI no gitā hādokēsu.


And look who’s coming back.

London defo. Amsterdam likely. Wien looks tempting (never been to Austria, would love to check out kangaroos and koalas).