DAY 29
Extractor installation completed and the flexible hose boxed with plaster board. Dimplex electric plinth heater arrived. Under cabinet downlighters connected. The edges around the French patio doors plastered.

DAY 30
Skip arrived and the decking cleared of all detritus. Also present within the skip when I arrived home were other people’s rubbish – which is typical when you hire one.

The boxing surrounding the extractor’s flexible hose is plastered. Plinth heater installed.

DAY 31

I honestly cannot remember what was done on this day!

DAY 32
The flexible hose’s plasterboard housing painted. Wooden wedges at the edge of the basalt-like porcelain tiles fabricated and installed.

Skirting around the patio door refashioned and the workmanship here was impressive.

DAY 33
Splashback mosaic done! Fridge moved into its appropriate spot and plumbed. Despite efforts, the flow of water appears to be stuck somewhere despite looking at the troubleshooting guide by Samsung. I’ve had the fridge unplumbed for four years now, and wonder if a component in the flow is frozen. I’ve even increased the temp of the fridge compartment to 4 deg C, but nothing happened. This requires a look by a Samsung appliance engineer. Look-wise, the kitchen looks 90% ready.

DAYS 34-35
Weekend, hence, no work. Did some work myself, taking advantage of the skip. Sawn off a dead branch on the California lilac, and got rid of a warped Billy bookcase in buangruang to name two. Started to cook more in the kitchen by now.

DAY 36
Splashback mosaic grouted. Kitchen is now completely painted. The colours of the mosaic I chose actually worked! Samsung engineer appointment booked. Apart from a couple small items, building work on the kitchen is now complete.

DAY 37
Final day of electrical work.

The under-cabinet LED, sockets and switches installed. The underfloor heating is now complete with installation of the switch and a small box with a touch screen where you can programme the schedule and set the thermostat. The manufacturer’s concise instructions were clear and pretty easy to use.

The kitchen’s almost done now, just a lil’ bit more. Both ovens have been run in the weekend prior (day 28). And once the fridge is, well, hopefully sorted (which is today), I’ll start restocking the fridge. Also, the builder will come over this Saturday to complete the two additional parts to the cabinet, and I’ll start on the central workbench/butcher’s block.