I’ve been reading less and less of late. I put it to my attention span which is becoming more akin to that of a goldfish. So, vignettes and anecdotes work well. Which is what this book that I bought like a year ago is composed of. And I just finished it yesterday.

Every Malaysian who loved the PETRONAS ads should know of the late Yasmin Ahmad. After a while, some aspects of her work had become increasingly familiar just falling short of being a tad repetitive, but the work that she had done in advertising and film had pushed boundaries, may it be in social commentary or the inclusivity of everything Malaysian in locally-produced fare.

The book contains quotes from Yasmin, as well as anecdotes from her family, friends and colleagues which would give the reader a glimpse of what she was like in life. And in a way, if one is familiar with her work, these anecdotes may come as to no surprise. The book also contains a few photos that Yasmin took and poems she wrote.

As you can see from the photo above, the book appears “incomplete”, with a grey sleeve in place of a conventional cover and back. This imperfect presentation was done on purpose and this was pointed out in small print at the back of the book telling the reader the reasons for this will be made clear after reading the book.

I think I know now. I think.