I used to make this pretty often during my student days. I think it was one of my then flatmates who taught me how to make lasagne. As there was three of us (sometimes plus one), the lasagne I’d make would have to be large. When I moved down to South Yorkshire, I had a crappy oven. So much so that I think I attempted making it once after so many years, and it turned out pretty rubbish.

Fast forward to the time when I moved to my current domicile, I had no oven. Which means no lasagne. And that was ten years ago.

I have made roast chicken a few times now since having my kitchen done up, and I thought it was to make lasagne once again. I do have a small dish, but lasagne is right filling and this small dish may well be too much.

I kinda remembered roughly how to make lasagne, but quickly referred to my copy of Jamie’s Italy which had been collecting dust since 2005. Luckily it had some kind of lasagne recipe in it, from which I made a note on how to make the white sauce. I cooked some mince beef in pomodorini sauce (that’s cherry tomatoes – comes ready made from the supermarket), and did the white sauce which is basically bring a mixture of milk, butter and plain flour to simmer, with an added dash of parsley. Well, Mr Oliver said so.

And then comes the fun part of layering the lasagne, the meat sauce, the white sauce, and back again with the topmost layer heaped with mozzarella. Stick it in the oven at 180 deg C (fan-assisted) and give it about 30-odd minutes or so.

I’ve never had an oven that is lit inside until now. So, forgive me if I have to be a jakun and get easily fascinated. And in thirty minutes, this should happen:

I have to say it turned out nice.

Next time however, I need to add parmesan in the layers too. Can’t have too much formaggi in a pasta dish.