Never had done turkey before and as its size would just be too much for one person, I felt like having roast chicken. Roast chicken is roast chicken but this time I thought of departing from the Slater recipe I was accustomed to all these while. This time I turned to Jamie Oliver, from a book I had since 2000.

This one, called fantastic roasted chicken, is his basic recipe from his first Naked Chef book but with some lil’ additions to it. I chose spring chicken which meant the roasting tin looked massive with this somewhat diminutive bird in it. Dab the bird dry as per usual. With my fingers I separated the skin from the meat from the meat. I did it gently but still manage to tear it! The reason for the separation is so that you get to stuff the space with a mixture made up of butter, chopped garlic, lemon rind and instead of Parma ham (why suka sangat bubuh dodot on anything is beyond me lol), torn up beef bacon.

Rub the entire chicken with any remaining butter from the mix and place it in a preheated roasting tin. I also added a dash of the extra virgin for good measure. The oven is at 220 deg C although with it being a fan oven, I should have brought it down to 200. Note to self.

After twenty minutes, I added some baby potatoes (parboiled in salted water for ten minutes prior). I forgot to buy parsnips. And should have gotten carrots. Anyway, the roasting tin I have is kinda big so the ‘tatoes were rolling about a bit. Then it was back in the oven for about 30 minutes (the book said 40 but fan oven and all that malarkey, I didn’t wanna burn my lunch).

Once done, leave the chicken to stand for about another 10 minutes. Remove the roast chicken and potatoes, and place the tin on the stove and add a bit of water to make some gravy from the remaining juices, oil and bits on the base of the tin.