The MRT line that passes by TTDI was opened in the middle of last year and despite a previous trip home, I hadn’t the opportunity to try it. I remembered the issues raised by a segment of TTDI residents whose homes were directly facing the construction of the MRT’s SBK line which was understandable, but with progress there is sacrifice (look at Ampang Park) and this trade-off is unfortunately universal[1].

The feeder bus stop is a 5 to 7-minute walk[2] from my home, as the nearer bus stop, whilst allowing me direct connectivity to KL Sentral, is not part of the feeder bus’ route. The TTDI MRT station is a raised station over Jalan Damansara, located near the Wan Kadir precinct. When I say raised, it’s a long way up by escalator. Not being a fan of heights, dad and I opted for the lift.

I had my Touch ‘n Go TESCO card pre-topped up prior to my return to KL to avoid any hold ups. Like any transit systems, navigating through the gates and using the station’s signage to reach the platform was a breeze. On the first floor, the station housed the ticketing counter and a small Family Mart[3]. When dad and I was on the platform, it was like half eleven in the morning, away from the maddening rush hour crowd. It didn’t take very long until our train heading to Kajang arrived[4].

We weren’t going to Kajang, by the way. We were in Pavilion just two days before this little trip when I saw the sole CoCo ICHIBANYA branch in KL. I made a note that I’d take the MRT as it stops at Bukit Bintang (which is also labelled ‘PAVILION’ on the map[5]). There were only six stops between TTDI and BB, and the KL Metro app timed the journey to be about 26 minutes.

The trip was very smooth, and dad got a seat on the priority area (not sure if it was one as it was not labelled as such but it was close to the door). The overground vista was kinda weird as we were pretty high above street level. The underground segment commenced before reaching Muzium Negara, and interestingly, the tunnel was lit. My next trip should see me sat in the very front with my GoPr… never mind. There weren’t that many passengers by the time we hit the central KL stations like Pasar Seni and Merdeka as it wasn’t even lunch time yet. It took us 25 minutes to reach BB station. From the platform, we had to take the escalator up one floor (if I remember correctly). Signage was good and we chose the exit we needed to get to which was about 100 metres away. The exit for Pavilion was unfortunately stairs, so we opted for the LOT 10 exit which was just across Jalan Bukit Bintang. A five-minute walk would bring you to Pavilion.

After doing a spot of shopping and a meal, we headed back home just about the time people at work got their lunch break. The station was a tad busier but not too bad. The journey back took the same time, although it felt quicker. Dad was right impressed with the little trip we took that he (half?) jokingly said that he’d like to go again later that evening. As a TTDI-ite who never drives in KL, the MRT is godsend.

[1]Just look at any city around the world I guess.
[2]By Malaysian standards.
[3]No cheesecake, just matcha. Tsk.
[4]7 minutes off-peak increasing to a 4-minute frequency during peak times apparently.
[5]There is another PAVILION which is at Pusat Bandar Damansara – so, be aware of this should you have to meet someone at ‘PAVILION’.