Dad and I had breakfast at our usual when I took this photo:

Sheffield now has a dockless bike rental scheme called ofo. I have seen these yellow bikes around town and in some random places if I may say so. Unlike them Boris bikes in London, these bikes are found randomly around the city. There is a limit as to how far you may cycle on these ofos and if you stray beyond the allocated zone, the company will know you have done so as these bikes are GPS-equipped and a massive charge will be debited from your credit card. 50p per 30 minute ride, these. And I read that these ofos are available in Melaka too!


For you 0.4 readers who follow my SCANDAL-related offshoot of this blog, I’ve finally taken the plunge to upgrade the blog which includes a new URL.

It’s pretty much the same URL but without the wordpress in it –


Winter comes yet again. Today of all days.

Please look forward to my next Star Wars super short involving an AT-AT that is not in a bathtub.


Which means we’ve been spending this long weekend half holed up at home. That’s fine by me as I get to play around with my new acquisition that I found online. A Focusrite iTrack Dock which allows my to connect my BIAS/BIAS FX/Jam Up Pro/GarageBand-laden iPad onto said dock. It was half the RRP, and nothing is wrong with it.

My main focus isn’t to record but more of tinkering with a new piece of gadgetry so as I could jam with song with just my guitar and a song on iTunes, or even use it as a pedal (wait for it) connected to an amp on clean or a PA[1]. The dock is meant to be connected either to monitoring speakers or headphones. Not the best way to do this, but I could jam in buangruang2 to my CD player by connecting an instrument cable from the headphone socket to my Orange AD5 which only has one volume and one tone knob on it.

As for using it as a pedal, I finally unboxed my BT-4 MIDI controller by Positive Grid, the makers of BIAS. Only took me two years a bit to do this.

Now, I have the ability to change BIAS FX or JamUp Pro presets using my feet. Interestingly, there is a lag when a button is depressed as the connectivity is via Bluetooth. Need to look this up in the forums to see if anyone has a workaround solution to this.

A quieter way to bedroom guitarist stardom.

[1]A PA should be better due to the linear nature of its amplifier.