fotopages is buggered at the mo’. thus, an excuse for this entry.

Well there's floodin' down in KL...

meandered about jalan bukit bintang prior to hitting low yat. we had to make a stopover at bentley. trabye tried out this RM8k beauty (yeah. yeah. we know. you have one. hehe.). also checked out the cheap(er) stompbox prices in the display. the ts808 and ts9 were back in stock, too. not for long, though, knowing how quick people sambar these much sought after gadgets. also chatted with a mutual mate of the kiasu king (now we know how the king was racun-ed) about the myth surrounding SRV’s number one and the sabahan tycoon who can’t really play, but owns a monterey strat as part of his immense collection. among other things.

by the by, i still need a power source for my boxes. help, anyone?