Prepare for the Interview 受験対策をせよ

Shenanigans ensue as the Forger family hits the city of Berlint to soak up the culture and the sights in preparation for the upcoming Eden Academy admissions interview. A very adorable episode.

I actually watched the ED animation a few times just now. The “adorable” adjective can be applied again for this ED – together with Hoshino Gen’s 喜劇 Kigeki (Comedy), it makes you feel that while the story is of Twilight, the central point of everything is indeed Anya (and it is, after reading the source material anyway). The overall feel of the ED which summarises Anya’s happiness of having parents who care for her really makes you want to be sure that she is all right, and how heartbreaking it will be if anything from either parent’s working life causes trouble for her.

As with any anime series you’d have already watched, the OP and ED here showcases the other characters fleetingly. Non-readers can make a calculated guess as to who is who.

Next mission is #4: The Prestigious School’s Interview | 名門校面接試験 Meimonkō Mensetsu Shiken… or MOOOOOOOO. 