[this is dedicated to ecrivez of (near) seattle. hehe. and i can’t stand it anymore, i need to post a food-related blog. :P]

Bang zohor pun belum lagi, beb. *evil*

remember me saying something about necessity being the mother of invention? this time, if you’re willing to go that extra mile (literally), mother invention would be quite happy indeed. found this warehouse in manchester filled with goodies like the fluffiest pandan swiss roll, yeo’s cincau in cans and daun pisang. when i went back to kl in september, i totally forgot to have my favourite nasi lemak. this is my vengeance: sambal sotong, ayam goreng kunyit and kari daging. my only gripe is that they didn’t have pandan leaves (for the life of me, why? why? why?) for the nasi. oh well. i was in iftar heaven last week anyways.

also bought myself a bamboo steamer. next mission: pau. [as they say, give a man a pau, he’ll smile for a day. learn to make pau, his smile (and belly) widens for a lifetime.]