two years have passed, rather quickly too. michael bay’s franchise of the much-loved late 80’s toy phenomenon has arrived again, in the form of the second instalment which promised more metal-on-metal carnage, anthemic slo-mo shots and megan “i don’t think she’s a man – get real!” fox. by the time the teaser youtube vid was put up some time in february this year, i was stoked.

i just saw the film today, like the 10am show. saw the crowd late saturday afternoon, and felt i should spare ayah the misery. this was his first experience of watching a flick sans subtitles, sans screaming under-5’s/chattering over-15’s and sans irritating “HUIYO! optimus prime die after this aa?”. seeing it rather late meant having to be careful of not bumping into spoiler blog entries/facebook stati/twats tweets. however, i have came across a few grumbles from people who weren’t too happy with the (too often) comic relief and a complain about too much moving parts to handle onscreen. and one remark (from someone on facebook) on why would one want to watch megan fox who can’t really act. want to hear my response to that one?

yes, there were many moving parts onscreen to the point that your brain probably can’t keep up. there were the comic moments which made you think whether this is the second instalment to that film in 2007 as opposed to a jim carrey flick. and of course, megan fox’s lips which remained glossy despite running through absolute mayhem in the north african desert. belum lagi the bit that she was in this position to paint a little red devil on the side (duduk je la kat tepi kan) of a bike.

my take – who cares? i thought it was a fantastic film! it is michael bay, and it is about robots kicking ass big time. and megan can sit on any side of the bike she (or the director) wants.

i had a tough time keeping up with the names of the robots as a teenager when my brother and cousin were watching taped copies of the TV cartoons days on end. it was the same again, with this film (i could spot arcee and soundwave, which i have to say i thought that was a cool rendition of him as the designers weren’t keen on mass/size shifting in transformation). my favourites were the cars, although i was never a fan of car decepticons (i felt cars should remain within the domain of the autobots as it was originally intended when the toys were designed). watch out for the decepticon audi R8 and the new autobot sideswipe that transforms into a chevy corvette stingray concept. slick!

as far as a transformers film goes, i thought this was appropriately michael bay-styled OTT. the premise of the story revolves around getting the matrix of leadership (remember the animated film circa 1987?). i shan’t be saying anything more, as i think i have provided one spoiler too many (to those who knows the a perfect storm incident will nod in agreement) in this lifetime.

anyway, bay has been reported to take a break from “fighting robots” for a while, but watch out for 2012. bring on the lip gloss, megan!